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Certificate of Resale

The undersigned hereby certifies that all tangible personal property hereafter purchased by him is for purposes of resale, and assumes liability for payment of Retailers’ Occupation Tax, Service Occupation Tax or Use Tax with respect to receipts from the resale of this property to users or consumers.

This certificate shall be considered a part of each order which we shall give, unless such order otherwise specifies.

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Terms & Conditions

We hereby apply for credit with Ace Hardware and agree to the following regarding all purchases using the Ace Hardware Business charge.

We will have the privilege of a 30 day business charge account, in which we will pay the full amount of all merchandise purchased within 30 days from the date of each billing statement.

All accounts have a credit limit of $_____ or _____% of the total amount paid on the account during the last twelve months, whichever is higher. Any other credit limit must be arranged with the Ace Hardware Credit Manager.

If we do not pay the full amount for all merchandise purchased within 30 days from the date of each billing statement, we agree to the following: We will incur and pay a finance charge which will be computed at a periodic rate of _____% per month (an annual percentage rate of _____%) on that portion of the previous balance remaining after deducting payments and credits prior to the current closing date. The minimum monthly finance charge is $_____.

If we do not pay on our account as agreed or exceed the credit limit, our business charge account will be temporarily suspended unless other arrangements are made with the Ace Hardware Credit Manager.

Ace Hardware will send us a statement each month which will show the unpaid balance for merchandise purchased including the monthly finance charge.

Ace Hardware may declare the unpaid balance to be due and payable if we default in making any required payment in full when due and we agree to pay Ace Hardware (or its agent) all reasonable collection expenses, attorney’s fees and court costs incurred in collecting this account.

We will immediately notify Ace Hardware upon any change in our address.